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Our quality healthcare professional vitamins are made with only the finest ingredients and are specially formulated for better absorption rates and are easy to digest. In essence, your body uses them and your money is not wasted on fillers or vitamins your body may not be able to utilize.

News flash for vegetarians: people who don't eat red meat are at risk for a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 is essential for the blood forming organs of the bone marrow to function properly. Vitamin B-12 is best absorbed as a sublingual (under the tongue) or as an injection which people have to visit a physician for. Here at Rose Laboratories Inc. we have made it easy to get your Vitamin B-12 in a safe effective formulation called Cobalacin SL, our Formula # 28. Formula # 28 is Vitamin B-12 with Folic Acid because the two are closely linked in their metabolic functions in the body. A deficiency of one can dramatically affect the metabolic efficiency and use of the other. Folic Acid and B-12, in combination, are particularly important in the manufacture of blood and the maturation of red blood cells.

Notice: Orders placed between June 3rd and June 15th 2016 may be delayed.

Use Formula # 10 Rose Calcium Chelate for strong bones and to help keep you calm (every nerve ending and all your muscles have access to calcium.).

Also when cold and flu season hits be ready with our Formula # 48 L-Lysine Immune best when taken with our Rose Formula # 40 Viraflavin. Other products recommended by our Certified Nutritional Therapist on staff are Formula # 38 Superflavin (Bioflavonoids) and Formula # 33 Rose E-300 Plus (which is a unique natural water soluble form of Vitamin E and so it can be taken on an empty stomach or with food).

For more information call Rose Laboratoires Inc. toll free at 855-ROSEVIT or 855-767-3848. You can also e-mail us at roseformula10@gmail.com

For a limited time Rose Laboratories is offering Nutritional Assessment's for only $25.00. Call for your appointment to take the assessment which can be done from the luxury of your own home. The benefit of this is to find out what supplements your body may be asking for.

Good health is up to you!

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Rose E-300 Plus
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